Vinyl is back – an Analogy

Vinyl is back – an Analogy

“A good analogy for what we do “within” ourselves when we record something made from the perception of our mind with our thoughts and feelings.”

Vinyl records are on an upsurge and coming back; and this I like because I use “lp records” as an image in an exercise to help one gracefully move through and release their feelings (blocks to happiness, health and wholeness). The feelings that are keeping them stuck and reinforcing unwanted life situations.

Have you ever seen how a vinyl record is made? The music/words/etc. are actually impressed (imprinted) onto a lacquer disk creating grooves that “hold” the sounds in place; a metal template is made from the lacquer (I am assuming because it is stronger and more durable during production process) and any number of vinyl disks are made from the metal template.

The grooves that are created in the lacquer disk from the sound vibrations hold the information and then we get to play the final vinyl record over and over and over again. Check it out here for a greater understanding:

I share this process because it is a good analogy for what we do “within” ourselves when we record something made from the perception of our mind with our thoughts and feelings. We basically do the same thing – we have thoughts/feelings about persons, places, conditions and things (situations), perceive (or judge) what they mean and make a vibrational recording of them within our energy frequency which translates out in the world as our creation. In the last post I mentioned that thoughts and feelings are the qualifiers of creative energy, and thus we are creating our reality in every moment with each thought/feeling. This happens even if the thought/feeling is not original, but simply a playing of a recorded vibration over and over again. As with having the same thought/feeling over and over again, the more we play that recording the more it imprints and the deeper the grooves in our consciousness of the record that we made – densifying the energy into outer world manifestation, and more often than not into our physical body. The deeper the groove, the more the playing out of the vibration becomes habit, and the more difficult it can be to get out of the groove – we remain in a rut.

Rather than experiencing the thought/feeling and letting the energy go (move through us), we hold onto the energy, and it becomes trapped. Any energy that becomes trapped will always become a not-so-good energy. So called “negative” energy will build, so-called positive energy will change into so-called negative energy. The negative energy (toxin) being imprinted over and over, one can understand that it would become more toxic. To help you understand why holding onto even “good” energy (like love) is a problem, I give the following analogy: If we have a pond that is continually being refreshed with water from a stream and the stream is blocked, the water in the pond begins to become stagnant and toxic with a whole bunch of green stuff growing in it. Even when the water evaporates, the space is still filled with green stuff. It takes lots of fresh water flowing again to move off the toxins for the pond to become a clean and clear again. The great news is that it can be done. We just need to get the water flowing again.

I use water as a metaphor for our clean clear energy, or spiritual energy – all goodness. Water is also a symbol for feelings.

So how do we get the flow going again? How do we begin the healing process of our body? How do we begin the transformation of our lives into ones where we experience joy and happiness, and every good and perfect thing? Is it simple, but for many not that easy. We simply be willing to feel our feelings, rather than imprinting them. The reason we record/imprint feelings is because we don’t want to have to experience what we “think” we will experience if we feel our feelings. Again, I am not saying that this is easy, but it is a simple way to start. The first step, the first feeling is the most difficult, but with practice we become pros at feeling our feelings. Sometimes at the beginning it doesn’t even feel like we are feeling feelings. It feels more like an imagined process, but if one sticks with it, the feeling “better” happens. I mean look at that phrase – I am “feeling” better thank you.

Please let me be clear here that feeling our feelings does not mean indulging in them and/or even acting upon them. It simply means letting the feeling (energy) flow and move out of our body/mind. What does this look like?

No one else even has to know that we are feeling our feelings. Sometimes tears/crying or even at times there might be some physical pain that is experienced whilst releasing feelings, but if we give our attention to releasing the feeling, the tears/crying and/or physical pain will move off as the feeling does. No one ever died from feeling their feelings, but many die from not feeling their feelings.

Remember, feelings are a colouring of an emotion that we experienced. As a refresher, emotions are physical and instinctive and can be scientifically measured (blood flow, brain activity, etc.). Emotions are carried out by the emotional processing center of our brain (limbic system). Feelings play out in our minds. They are reactions/perceptions (colourings) to an emotion and are personal and unique to our experience.

With the process I am threatened, I experience fear (emotion), and I feel horror (feeling), the horror is the feeling that we record with the event. The threat has past, but because we coloured fear with horror, the experience remains recorded until we let the feeling go, which allows us to let the fear go. The threat is over, and naturally when the threat is over, the instinctual fear should be gone also. But is it not, because we coloured it with our personal and unique reaction/perception. Now because of the record, anything that is remotely similar, like stress of a job, being a first-time parent, etc. is at play, we choose a record that fits and allow it to determine the experience of our life.

We have been doing this since childhood (lifetimes) and we have many records to release. At the beginning it may feel like the same thing is coming up over and over again, and it is because we have made many records of the original template. What is really wonderful is that in a very short time, all the records pressed of the original incident are released at one time, rather than one by one. Any thing done of the Light of Spirit is multiplied exponentially. In the Light of Spirit, it is done to the power of, rather than as one plus one equals two in human consciousness.

The releasing process begins when a feeling that you do not like comes into your consciousness. Rather than stuff the feeling or acting upon it, imagine a Long Play vinyl record in your mind’s eye with an arm that has a diamond needle in it ready for you to place on the edge of the vinyl record. On the label of the record is the name of the feeling. This can also be done if you experience an uncomfortable body sensation that you want to move off or an old story that you no longer want to retell in the same way. All body sensations have a feeling within them. Even if you can not come up in the moment with the name of the feeling, you have a sense of what it is so simply begin.

Lower the arm/diamond needle onto the outer edge of the LP record and watch as it moves along the record to the little small hole in the centre where the post would go through. When we are doing this process, the record is not on the post, it is simply spinning in midair. You are the arm/diamond needles moving along the LP record as you feel the feeling and let it go so that it no longer is a block in your energy field. When you get to the label, the arm swiftly moves to the little hole in the centre and YOU drop through that hole onto the outer edge of another LP record. As you drop, the LP record that you were on dissolves and the energy is returned to Source. You are free of that particular “record.” As you (the arm/diamond needle) begin to move across the new LP record, you are feeling the next feeling that comes up to be let go. The name of the feeling will be on the label, or you will feel it in your body (either in the same place, or another location). Again, it is not necessary at the beginning to know the name of the feeling, but simply to allow the feeling to begin flowing again. Even without a name you will know that it is an uncomfortable feeling or not.

Continue placing yourself as the arm/diamond needle on the edge of each record (recorded feeling) feeling the feeling as you move to the centre, skip across the label and drop down through the small center hole onto the next LP record knowing the previous record has been dissolved and is now a free flowing energy for you to have in your life again. Continue the process until you come to a feeling that feels “good.” One that is no longer uncomfortable.

When you reach a place that feels “good,” then allows yourself to relish in this feeling, and acknowledge yourself for the great work you have done in the transformation of your life energy. Knowing that any story attached to those feelings has also been re-arranged. The facts of the situation will be the same but your perception of it will be different.

As you continue using this process, you will notice that you feel better, and that your body does also. You will also notice that life becomes lighter, that you have more clarity and that your life situations are reflecting more of a sense of happiness. Blocked energy has us feel separated from our self, so as we begin letting these blocks go, we begin feeling more connected.

The healing (change) has begun, and you are on a path towards home. A place you never really left.

Donna Francis, Spiritual Reminder/Coach