Second Sunday of every month
(with a few exceptions to 1st Sunday and excluding Feb 24)
10:00 – 11:30am PT

We are all called.  Will you answer?

The Divine focus for Sacred Power PONDERINGS is to
assist you to open/expand your awareness to support you in fully living.


Please read the information on Sacred Power Events to glean a greater understanding of Sacred Power PONDERINGS.

Sacred Power PONDERINGS are for exactly this – pondering (giving thoughtful consideration, especially to the energies of which we are choosing to remain unconscious) that which we carry within our consciousness and what that means for each.  To ponder how our energy (our thoughts/feelings, words, actions) affects our life and the effects brought forth because of our energy influencing the appearance world. 

With awareness, there is nothing that we cannot change.  Sacred Power PONDERINGS support participants to bring forth that awareness (the use of their energy) so that change can be made to be in alignment with their Heart’s desires fulfilling (manifesting) – life no longer a mystery, but a Mastery in Being!

Topic(s) brought forward are determined by the collective energies of the registered participants – “queries & quizzes” to ponder and bring forth answers from within.  There is also opportunity to ask for focus on a certain “topic” affecting your life.  Space is provided on the registration form to note your “topic(s) for consideration” that you would like addressed.

Please note:  Sacred Power PONDERINGS are for general awareness and understanding of concepts/topics brought forward for discussion in order to open one’s mind and use their heart so to make the necessary changes for their energy to be aligned with the Divine Blueprint of their Being. There is no individual attention given to participants to support them on a personal level.  If you are looking for support with a more focussed and individualized/personal awareness of yourself, please register for an on-line Sacred Power CIRCLES or in-person Sacred Power AWAKENING INTENSIVES or Sacred Power EMERGING MASTERY Programs, where direct and focussed individual support is given to participants, or alternatively, please book a Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSION or a Sacred Power SPIRITUAL MENTORING for Well-Being (Explore and Discover You!) package.  Thank you.

“One is free when one stands in their Sacred Power – full responsibility and accountability for the use of one’s energies!”

Sacred Power PONDERINGS support one in:

  • Receiving awareness in and of our personal awakening/ascension process as we walk together in this most magical, wonder-filled journey;
  • Experiencing profound shifts in our life as we raise our vibrational frequency which expands our consciousness and thus changes our world accordingly;
  • Maintaining peace, along with strength and courage, as one delves into self to make the necessary changes (release and/or claim energies) for a fulfilling life (which truly is fulfilling our promises we made to Mother/Father God to be here, now);
  • Committing, always and forever, to one’s Self as we experience a deep connection with others of like heart/mind, also on the path of (re)claiming personal and spiritual sovereignty;
  • Remembering Love (knowing how deeply we are love(d).

“You are the energy of EMPOWERED GOODNESS in this world, as everything in the outer is a projection of one’s energies!”

Please read the information on Sacred Power Events
to glean a greater understanding of a Sacred Power PONDERINGS.  

Sacred Power PONDERINGS, as with all Sacred Power Events, offer an environment where one can recalibrate and rest in the remembrance of who one truly is as we unite with others on a similar journey of self-discovery at higher/deeper levels of intimacy; recognizing we are not alone as we navigate the energies in our own personal world and/or that of the greater world.

We are given the opportunity to mediate one’s own energies as well as transmute/transform or enhance other/outer energies as presented to and perceived by each one in the moments of their daily lives.  As well, participating in Sacred Power Events provides one with tools/ techniques/ practices that support each member of the group in maintaining spiritual kinship in all areas of life, especially when the appearances of the phenomenal (known through senses) plane appear as chaotic and/or confusing.  All Sacred Power Events are designed to support one from simply existing and coping in life to flourishing and (w)hol(l)y living!

It takes Desire, Devotion and Discipline – a deep commitment to Self as the lessons never end, for the lessons ARE that which determines the change needed.

What others are sharing from their experience of Sacred Power PONDERINGS:    

“It always amazes me how one question or pondering put to a group can open up so much depth into myself, my shadows, where I am holding back. Those little tendrils of blockages, of not being aware, once exposed, open up a whole new way of being for myself, every single time.  Being able to see myself in each person that is in the group is one of the greatest gifts for me as I get to see the many layers within myself and make the changes in my use of my energies so that I can live more in Peace and the Flow of my Being.  I deeply love Sacred Power work and value the participants who join to discover the truth of Life and know themselves at deeper levels of Being.  I cherish each and every Sacred Power Pondering and all who attend – I am so grateful for all of the awakenings not only within myself, but the joy of being witness others’ AHA moments.”  PW USA

Sacred Power Ponderings

Dates and Times:
Second Sunday of Each Month excluding February 2024
2024 exceptions to 1st Sunday on 5th May; 6th Oct; 3rd Nov
10:00 – 11:30am PDT

$50.00 when registering monthly
$123.00 when registering for 3 consecutive months
when registering for 6 consecutive months
when registering for 2024 calendar year – 11 months (excluding Feb 24)
$55.00 – when registering after online registration closes, 36 hours prior to event.
Please see NOTE below for registration details.


Select 4. Sacred Power PONDERINGS and follow the prompting for choosing date(s) for registration.

Held via Zoom.  Link will be sent upon receipt registration AND payment. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Online registration closes 36 hours prior to start of the event.  To register after online registration closes, please send an email UP TO ONE HOUR in advance of start time with request to register to:  A reply email will be sent with information and options for payment of $55.00.  Zoom link will be sent upon receipt of returned forms and payment.  Thank you!

A limited number of Financial Assistance spaces are held for all Sacred Power Events.  If you feel called to join the Sacred Power PONDERINGS, and are in need of financial assistance to do so, please fill in the Application Form

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