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Spiritual Restoration

Sacred Power is the vehicle for bringing ``Spiritual Restoration`` to individuals, humanity and the Earth as a whole. Sacred Power has responded with a resounding YES to the ancient, deep yearning to be in Service of the Divine in service to others (our other selves). Spiritual Restoration is supporting our sisters/brothers to live once again in harmony with nature - in alignment with natural law; to live in alignment with their Divinity, thus living in the natural Sovereignty of Being.

Sacred Power is responding to the world calls for change (healing) by supporting and encouraging individuals to follow their inner guidance and experience a place where they are loved so deeply that everything that prevents them from ``having it all`` melts away, because they recognize their true heritage; their place in the grand scheme of life. In an instant they turn inside out and become a reflection for Heaven on Earth. They remember their essential Self- knowing who they are, the Light (giftedness) they have come to be and what they are to do (purpose).

The Divine intent of Spiritual Restoration is to assist individuals to embody their Sacred Power so they live in Unity Consciousness, out-picturing their true life.  Its focus is support individuals to make constructive changes in their life, thereby experiencing personal enrichment towards fulfillment of their life’s purpose; supporting them in unfolding destiny by realizing that they are the key that unlocks the answer to their life’s questions.

Changing one’s self, transforms their life and allows them to be more aligned with who they truly are so that they can live in Peace.  This is the greatest gift that anyone can give humanity and it is what Heals (Changes) the World.  The World changes one by one and each person is that ONE.  Each person has a profound effect on humanity’s consciousness with every thought/feeling, word, and action! Light and Love grow exponentially, and as each person, one-by-one starts living in peace and happiness, in no time at all, the world will as well!  Each one is the Key.  Each one is the Gift.  Each one is the World.  Each one is the Universe.

A deep sense of honour to Spirit and the Sacredness of life creates a supportive and confident environment for personal awareness and spiritual growth. Always in accordance with the highest good of all, along with Divine Inspiration and Grace, an opportunity is provided to become aware of one’s self and others at deeper, intimate levels; to heal their beingness; and to express more of who they truly are. Information and techniques are provided to encourage them to cultivate the ability to continually transform their life into one of continued joy and well being.

Sacred Power recognizes that we each are our “sisters’ and brothers’” keeper, the natural law of togetherness and community, and therefore supports others to bringing the peace and happiness from within their hearts back into their minds and live by assisting them to be their own Sacred Power by shining example.

Each one creates the experiences of their life.  Realizing is “making real.” Awakening is realizing their Self – their Sacred Power.  Sacred Power currently offers sessions with Donna Francis, having created and delivered innovative, imaginative and exciting vehicles to transport the individuals into the Light and Love of Higher Knowledge/Experience – to know and live Sacred Power.

The Love That Created Me

All the Goodness that I AM, I AM because of You
The Love you showered me with
Has moulded me into what you
See before you today.

Through the years, your guidance and support
Never faltered, never waned.
The Love you showered me with
Encouraged me to receive all that came my way
And to accept it with deepest gratitude.

All the years of your example and modelling
Of generosity and forgiveness grew within me.
Also for me to share with others.
The Love you showered me with
Supported me to give with all my heart and
Feel the Joy therein.

All that I AM, I AM because of You.
The Love you showered me with
Is the Freedom, the Joy, the Peace, the Opulence
The unqualified Pure Light
That is my foundation today.

Who Am I?  I AM that I AM.
All that I AM, I AM because
I AM the Light.
I Am the Love that Created Me.

Copyright ©2004 Donna Francis

“All the outer stuff is just details, the power is in being our Self, our Sacred Power, for that is what truly allows our life to be richer, fuller and more of everything our Heart truly desires” 

Do you want to transform your life?

Spiritual Restoration provides you with the opportunity to make profound changes within your beingness in order to evolve gracefully and easily with the changes that are taking place in and around you, while gaining self awareness and growing in the Light!

Sacred Power, your awareness brings clarity to choice, along with the ability to choose to unfold destiny, rather than being buffeted by the winds of fate.