A time of great change

Welcome and Blessings

Sacred Power - Spiritual HealingYou are in a time of great change!

Indeed, part of an exciting journey and the process continues to accelerate at a phenomenal pace, the magnitude that has never before been experienced on this earthly plane.  Highly refined vibratory energies are disrupting the denser energies (self-destructive, limiting beliefs and internal subconscious and unconscious programming) within your consciousness, and all are feeling the effects of this intense time.

You are being offered miracles and assistance beyond the ken of human experience.  The transformation that is occurring may seem as chaos and difficulties without the awareness of what is truly happening.  As the truths and untruths that have been buried deep within begin rising to the forefront and into your conscious awareness, they can appear frightening, rather than as the profound blessings that are actually taking place.

Sacrted Power - Spiritual HealingThe more refined and higher the vibration of energy, the more Light is shed upon the circumstances and situations of your life – persons, places, conditions and things.  This Light is akin to a lamp – the higher the intensity, the more clearly one sees what is in the vicinity of its radiance, and the greater the area of illumination.  Your thoughts/beliefs, feelings/emotions, memories/habits and actions (including the spoken word) are the roots of creation, both individually and collectively.  They are what keep your world as it is and these are what need to change to transform your world and the expression of you in it.

You are the key to your own happiness – Sacred Power assists you to unlock the truth of who you are and the potentiality that comes with it!  You are the creator of your own personal reality – and you have the power and ability within to have the life for which you yearn.  As a matter of fact, everyone IS MEANT to have the life their Heart desires – unbounded freedom

The opportunity to change is at hand – Sacred Power waits only for your call to act.

As this Light energy descends, It vibrates denser energies within your consciousness, wanting you to grow (ascend) to Its level so that you are better able to respond to and step forward in your own life, rather than reacting in the same old way to repeating issues, with different looking circumstances in new situations. 

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Each Session a truly unique and personal experience

It takes courage, commitment and willingness to firstly choose, and then, most important of all, to allow yourself to be fully aware of and awaken to your Self.

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Sacred Power Session60-minute Transformational Reading/LightWork Healing – one hour
Sacred Power Session90-minute Transformational Reading/LightWork Healing – one and one-half hours
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By changing yourself, which changes how you deal with your world and everything in it, and transforms it accordingly (as if a miracle), you have a profound effect on humanity’s consciousness, thereby supporting the evolution of the Earth as a whole into a state of Peace and Harmony – Sacred Power acting!

Sacred Power - Spiritual Healing

And ALL Goodness is our birthright – anything less is simply not the Truth

If you are happy and receiving all the best of what you want in life, blessings to you.  Thank you for shining and being the star that you are, sharing with the world the greatest gift of all – You.

To the degree that you acknowledge, honour, and REST in your Sacred Power is to the degree that you are able to live a resplendent life.  This reverence naturally initiates your movement forward in life and raises your consciousness.  Anything that keeps you from happiness and receiving is an opportunity to recognize that change is needed.

Sacrted Power - Spiritual Healing

Changing the outer only creates more confusion, as you are most assuredly aware!

The only change that can ever truly benefit you and ensure your overall happiness is to change within, to shift your perceptions, concepts and beliefs of yourself.

If your life is not supporting you in fulfilling your dreams, change is needed!

Sacrted Power - Spiritual Healing

When you forget that you are the Sacred Power of your existence…

… you will feel caught in a powerless cycle of fate – life doing it to you – being asleep.  You are being asked to once again take charge of your own life, thereby transforming fate into destiny – unfolding potential by recognizing that you are the cause of the conditions that you draw into and that play out in your life experience – being AWAKE!  AND you have the power to change your personal reality.  It is realizing your Self, your Sacred Power and allowing Its power to flow through you.  The power to change your life is in your reach in every moment – to change your life to be one of Peace – the fertile ground from which all goodness grows.

 It takes courage, commitment and willingness to firstly choose, and then, most important of all, to allow yourself to be fully aware of and awaken to your Self.  The reward is great, and many profound events take place in your life.  It is a magical time; one of miracles in recognizing that life on Earth is a most precious experience when you represent the vibration of Heaven on Earth.  When you know who you truly are!  As above, so below – as within, so without.

You are being asked to take a risk on yourself, to once again become aware of your abilities, gifts and potential – to recognize your Greatness; claim your Sacred Power and Awaken. This is the greatest risk ever, for it goes against most of what has been learned and accepted as being “the way it is.” In realizing your Sacred Power – the essence of your being – you live life based on a solid foundation of self love, self value, and honour. To rediscover and reclaim your own life removes the veils of illusion that have clouded your perception of who you truly are and reveals your essential beauty and radiance to the world.  As you value your Self, and regard yourself as worthy of respect and reverence, you honour the Sacredness of life and your part in the unfolding Divine Plan.

Spiritual SessionsThe Divine spark within you, separate, yet a part of Spirit, is your soul.  Living your purpose is living your Higher Self’s intent and purpose that you, as soul be aligned with Spirit, which fulfills your Heart’s desires. Are you willing to listen to the small, calm voice whispering within; to once again take charge of your life and claim your happiness, no longer allowing outside circumstances to dictate how your life will be?

Sacred Power is the agent of change.
You can make a difference…it is why you are here!

Are you willing to have a vital and fulfilling life?  Are you willing to claim your Sacred Power and Live your destiny?

Sacred Power creates constructive change.  Sacred Power is the Truth of you; so as you connect to your Self at higher levels, life changes can not but occur.  Sacred Power is knowing who you truly are while wanting to experience more of ALL That Is – You!”