Sacred Power IS

Sacred Power IS

Sacred Power IS WHO YOU ARE!  It is not a path, a technique, nor a model for living.

Sacred Power is your Individualized God Presence – I AM – the aware universe

Sacred Power is Unity; the perfect balance of Love, Wisdom and Power.

Sacred Power is LoveLight flowing; exercising your Divinity – your Divine Heart (Love), your Divine Will (Power), and using it for the greater good of Life (Wisdom).

Sacred Power creates constructive change.

Sacred Power transforms your life from struggle and mundane routine into flow and aliveness.

Sacred Power is the experience of living life in Peace; being in Love and sharing the gift of your Self with the world.

Sacred Power is experiencing your Self – being aligned of the essence of your being.

Sacred Power connects you to your Heart’s desire for the unfolding of your life.

Sacred Power allows your potential to unfold – living your truth, your destiny

Sacred Power is living now for, and nurturing your vision of, what you know the future to be.

Sacred Power is no longer living as a product of your past experience, but in the Presence.

Sacred Power awakens you to your true identity and assists you to live from this point of view.

Sacred Power is living Heaven on Earth.

Sacred Power is knowing who you truly are, why you are here and what it is you have come to do.

Sacred Power is wanting to know more of All That Is.

Sacred Power is unqualified LIGHT and LOVE.

Sacred Power is realizing Self – being fully Aware and fully Awake in Life.

Sacred Power is being in Service of the Divine, rendering service to every other self (humanity), and all Life – all relations – every “body!”

Remembering Love

Souls entwined in
Depths of knowing
Golden vines of Shimmering Light

Climbing, weaving, growing
Reaching for expression
In terms of understanding

Silvery fingers
Seeing, touching, hearing
Smelling, tasting, sensing

Passion Stars
Exploding, sparkling excitement
Truly Remembering

Guardians and
Keepers of Light
One in Being

Copyright ©1989 Donna Francis

Sacred Power is your birthright – your birthright for a life of Joy, Peace, Prosperity, Abundance and Every GOOD and PERFECT thing manifest.