My Biography

Donna Francis

I've been having ``mystical`` experiences for as long as I can remember. I have always been very spiritual and blessed with the gifts of healing, intuition and empathy. As a very young girl, it was so natural, and I thought everyone was the same. I knew that life was a field of dreams; a dreamscape where I was ``God's puppet`` - that God works through me the same as for everyone else, and the ``helpers`` were always there supporting me and others.

You may recognize the following in your own energy...

As I grew and my attention moved more into the outer world, I ``realized`` that I was different, life was no longer so wonderful. I tried extremely hard to hide my gifts, because I so wanted to ``fit in,`` to be normal. Which never happened. Peace, Happiness, and Delight in life vanished, and I began a quest in the outer world to ``find`` what I needed to feel good again. To have my life be better. My search in the outer world as fruitless for me as it is for anyone else.

I sought out mentors who could help me understand what was going on and I began re-membering my Self and reclaiming what I had so willfully tried to throw away. I devoted myriad hours attending training programs, reading books and educating myself to understand the whys and hows and the way home.

I am deeply grateful for the occasion to support others into the state of Happiness/Joy, Peace, Stillness and Deep Content - to experience a FULFILLING life while ``resting in awareness`` knowing soul as the interpreter of Spirit. It is my deepest joy to journey with others and support them in their Spiritual Restoration. We each have our own unique gifts and our own remarkable way of sharing them in our world. My gifts, as are your gifts, are meant to be shared. It is what we came here for, and what we agreed to do. It is time to BE YOU!

“I do not do the work, all is done through me.  I am simply a vessel of Source, a Reminder of that which has always been”

Donna Francis Bio - Sacred Power - Victoria BCDonna is a Spiritual Practitioner and Healing Facilitator of Sacred Power, whose focus is to bring about Spiritual Restoration for individuals, humanity and the Earth as a whole.  She has over twenty-five years’ experience in supporting others in the area of Personal Growth and Spiritual Awareness at home and abroad.  Studies in Spiritual Psychology, Behaviour Dynamics and Modification as well as extensive training in the healing arts, spiritual/intuitive awareness, and the dynamics of relationships have enhanced her professional skills.  A diverse background in business, entrepreneurship and practical interaction with people of all ages augments and enhances her total approach.

Donna has attained acute awareness and skill in the areas of spiritual and personal growth, communication, motivation, change/transformation, illness/disease and relationship.

An enlightening consultant, gifted speaker and dynamic group/seminar leader imbuing others with her energy and awareness, Donna’s warmth, caring and love radiate to her audience assuring them of her compassion for and discernment of who they truly are. She integrates highly attuned Spiritual gifts of healing, intuition and empathy with her knowledge of and experience in the psychological arena – the human condition. She generously shares this deeper understanding and awareness of Truth in order to enhance and empower the greatest gifts in everyone; assisting others to embrace and more fully enjoy life – to remember and live their destiny.

“Everything carries its own unique frequency of Life energy; and each person has vibrational patterns that have direct impact upon this frequency.  It is these patterns that either enhance or limit the greatest potential in us all .”

Donna works with the unique vibrational patterns of the differing frequencies of Light.  Each offers their own unique form through the expression of the Love and Light that they carry within their own hearts – their pure intent to be in service to the Light and that same Light within every human’s being and Earth – for the healing and ascension of individuals and the earth as a whole.

One of Donna’s greatest gifts is in the ability to channel and share the higher vibrational patterns of differing frequencies to support individuals to move beyond limitations in their personal experience of Life. She graciously surrenders to receive and hold these energies for others so that they can incorporate this higher vibration into their being for constructive use in their life; to “know the Truth” – that all things are possible.

Her ability to simplify the complicated structure of the outer self, at the mental, emotional/feeling and physical/etheric levels, allows one to receive the understanding and awareness to make informed choice – ones that enables them to experience what is necessary in order to enhance opportunities and/or transform difficulties – to make the changes that support and promote harmony, happiness and wholeness. Thus, becoming more aligned with their Sacred Power and Its intent, the individual is able to more often experience the natural state of Peace – the fertile ground from which all goodness in life – love, joy, abundance, prosperity, and every Good and Perfect thing – grows!

Donna’s profound sense of honour to Spirit and the Sacredness of Life allows one to receive a depth of experience that allows one to address major patterns; shift perceptions, concepts and beliefs to be aligned with the true essence of their being; and to connect with their own Source guidance and power.  Always in accordance with the highest good of all, Donna’s intimate connection to Divine Realm with Its Host of Cosmic Beings and Their Inspiration and Grace, provides a full spectrum of powerful awareness and techniques for the individual to become aware of the essential Self, to heal at deep levels of being and to express more of who they truly are – she encourages all to cultivate the ability to continually transform the experience of Life into one of continued joy and well-being.

Dear Ones,

In Light and Truth, Joy to you!

The above words can only describe what I do, not who I am. Like you, I discover more in each moment. It has taken me several years of my own personal transformation and spiritual awareness to glean an understanding of what I agreed to “do” (the gift that I am to give) while I am here.

Simply, my mission, my greatest joy in life is “Spiritual Restoration”- assisting others to know who they truly are, thereby constantly reminding myself, in re-membering and living Spirit! Resting in being aware.

I do not refer to myself as a teacher. For what could I teach you that you do not already know? I do not refer to myself as a healer, because you are the one that heals you.

I simply refer to myself as a Spiritual Reminder. I will in each moment remind you that you are Sacred, that you are Powerful, and that there is no person, condition, place or thing that can stop you, except you from being your Self; and living the life that your Heart desires for you. Indeed, my only function is to “holy” support you in receiving that which your Heart desires.

We are truly remembering that we are all “old” friends together, turning blocks into stepping-stones on the path to Full Awakening and Self-realization. That we are One. Remembering our Eternal Freedom! I encourage and support you to follow your heart and listen to the whisperings of your soul!

So Be It!

Indeed, many Blessings with much Love, as always,

Dona Francis - Spiritual Healer

Bringing “Spiritual Restoration” to individuals, humanity and the Earth as a whole

Changing ourself, Changes the world.
Transforming our life; Brings Peace and Harmony.

“Everything carries its own unique frequency of Life energy; and each person has vibrational patterns that have direct impact upon this frequency. It is these patterns that either enhance or limit the greatest potential in us all .”