Sacred Power Circles

Sacred Power Circles

We are all called.  Will you answer?

The Divine focus for Sacred Power Circles is to
assist you to discover and/or nurture your inner sanctum –
Living into your Greatness.

Please read the information on Sacred Power Events to glean a greater understanding of Sacred Power Circles.

Weekly Sacred Power Circles will begin Fall 2020.

Radient Dove

Sacred Power Circles are weekly, one hour or more in length, or a full one-day event, and provide the same opportunity as longer events for you to receive a depth of experience that allows a happier, easier and richer life to unfold.

Change is always happening in your life, whether you are aware of it or not.  Sometimes it feels great, other times not so much.  However, you, whether you recognize it or not, are always holding the reins and always have choice.  Only in denial, can you be buffeted by the winds of fate.

As a commitment to your Self, Sacred Power Circles assist you to keep your highest abundance energy active in your daily life and help your become aware of how you use your energy, and whether you recognize that you are in the driver’s seat.  It is through your understanding of your use of energy that allows you to evolve gracefully and easily with the changes that are taking place in and around you – gaining awareness and growing in Light.

The ego programming is built upon trauma, and as long as one hold’s the energies of the trauma within, one will be not only controlled by that energy but situations of that energy will continue to manifest causing deeper pain and suffering.  Sacred Power Circles assist you to release the traumas and live the freedom of the heart’s energy fulfilled.

“Each one has a destiny to fulfill that can only be accomplished through your own Sacred Power!”

The Sacred Power Circles are designed to assist you to live in the moment filled with grace and ease as the quickening evolves. As you are supported to fully anchor the Light within, you are better able to respond to the continual changes that are taking place in this stepped-up process. Most importantly, your willingness to resonate with your Sacred Power anchors Source energy in the collective consciousness of humankind. As you honour your Sacred Power, your energies are raised, thereby not only assisting you in your awakening, but in the awakening of humanity’s consciousness as a whole.

Sacred Power Circles present a Light Hearted, safe venue to experience your Self, and to practice “dealing” with those heavy-hearted issues that keep popping up in the relationships of daily living. Remember, all of life is relationship – how you “relate” to everything, not just people or that “special” someone. There is no better way to incorporate your Self into your daily way of being than to actually experience you, your Sacred Power.

“You begin to live your destiny when you fully acknowledge that your Self – your Sacred Power – is the Giver, Knower and Doer of ALL GOODNESS!”

Please read the information on Sacred Power Events
to glean a greater understanding of a Sacred Power Circles.  

Every Sacred Power Circle is similar and yet uniquely different experience as they are designed and sculpted by the energies of the participants attending, in correlation to each person’s intent regarding the theme of the Sacred Power Circle.

Each individual’s experience will be according to their own personal needs as they release the traumas held (the foundation of the ego) that have caused so much pain and suffering. Every Sacred Power Circles allows you to play with your Sacred Power (who you truly are) – getting to know You at this level, in reference to the focus or theme.

For deeper, more expanded awareness and growth of Self into the Greatness of your Sacred Power (who you truly are), register for two or all of the days of weekly series and/or include private sessions for focussed personal attention to your healing/change journey.

What others are sharing from their experience of Sacred Power Circles:    

“If you want to take a deep dive into yourself, if you’re tired of not being able to move past all of the crap that keeps you stuck, then these Circles will blow the doors wide open for you to step into a whole new way of being with yourself, will help you step into a higher frequency so that life flows for you. This has been my experience being involved in the Sacred Power Circles; completely life changing on every level. Never have I experienced something so powerful and supportive on every level.”  PW-USA

“I have participated in many of Donna’s Sacred Power Circles and I keep coming back for more. Why? This is the first time I finally began to comprehend that everything is ENERGY. Never before have I grasped this concept so deeply, and I realize that still, I have only scratched the surface of all of the programming, the entrenched beliefs, patterns of behaviour, the words I use, how I see my world, and so much more have shaped my perceived reality. My perceived reality hasn’t served me well, or as the question is asked, “So how’s it workin’ for ya?” Since I have begun these Sacred Power Circles with Donna’s facilitation I have begun to unravel this question. That’s why I keep coming back for more. I get to see and be seen in my naked vulnerability among others who are willing to go on this exploration. I dare you to do the same.”  LS-Canada

Upcoming Sacred Power Weekly Circles

Weekly Sacred Power Circles will begin Fall 2022


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