Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSIONS Overview

1:1/couples sessions and mentoring/well-being packages

The Divine focus of Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSIONS is to assist you to receive that which you require in order to make constructive changes in your life, and experience who you truly are.  To support you in recognizing the limitaitons that you have placed upon your Self and your Life are simply not true!

“As with all life experiences, Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSSIONS are sculpted by your energy; thus your awareness of you can be a powerful and life-changing experience where you glean a deeper understanding of what is required to gracefully and easily move through the changes that are taking place in and around you and receive tangible effects and on-going benefits for your well-being.”

Donna currently offers Online Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSIONS (via Zoom) for  1:1/Couples as well as for the Spritual Mentoring for Well-Being multi-session packages.  These sessions are a combination of Sacred Power in-person “Sitting” and “Table” sessions for individuals and/or couples.

Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSIONS and Sacred Power SPIRITUAL MENTORING for Well-Being sessions support you in your personal awareness of the Natural Laws of Life for your spritual growth and expansion.  Private sessions are also favourable for those who desire to remind themselves of the Greatness of Life while honour and living their Sacred Power.  As well, for those that have recently attended a Sacred Power Event, private sessions are a powerful way to reinforce and anchor the energies recevied throughout the event.


If you have not participated in a Sacred Power Session/Event, it is strongly suggested that you read the overview of Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSIONS AND schedule a 60-minute Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSION prior to booking an Explore and Discover YOU! Sacred Power SPIRITUAL MENTORING package. 

The only way to “know” if these sessions would be a “fit” for you
is to partake in a Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSION or a Sacred Power Event.

In-person Sacred Power PRIVATE SESSIONS (Sitting and/or Table) are currently only available for participants on the days after an in-person Sacred Power AWAKENING INTENSIVE (2.5- to 3-day weekend events) or during/after an in-person Sacred Power EMERGING MASTERY Program (5- to 14-day retreats).

“Awareness brings clarity to choice, along with the abilty to choose to unfold destiny, rather than being buffeted by the winds of fate.”

You ARE Sacred Power!

When you forget this, you will feel caught in a powerless cycle of fate – life doing it to you – being asleep.  You are being asked to once again take charge of your own life, thereby transforming fate into destiny – unfolding potential by recognizing that you are the cause of the conditions that you draw into and that play out in your life experience – being AWAKE!  AND you have the power to change your personal reality.  It is realizing your Self, your Sacred Power and allowing Its power to flow through you.  The power to change your life is in your reach in every moment – to change your life to be one of Peace – the fertile ground from which all goodness grows.

 It takes courage, commitment and willingness to firstly choose, and then, most important of all, to allow yourself to be fully aware of and awaken to your Self.  The reward is great, and many profound events take place in your life.  It is a magical time; one of miracles in recognizing that life on Earth is a most precious experience when you represent the vibration of Heaven on Earth.  When you know who you truly are!  As above, so below – as within, so without.

You are being asked to take a risk on yourself, to once again become aware of your abilities, gifts and potential – to recognize your Greatness; claim your Sacred Power and Awaken. This is the greatest risk ever, for it goes against most of what has been learned and accepted as being “the way it is.” In realizing your Sacred Power – the essence of your being – you live life based on a solid foundation of self love, self value, and honour. To rediscover and reclaim your own life removes the veils of illusion that have clouded your perception of who you truly are and reveals your essential beauty and radiance to the world.  As you value your Self, and regard yourself as worthy of respect and reverence, you honour the Sacredness of life and your part in the unfolding Divine Plan.

The Divine spark within you, separate, yet a part of Spirit, is your soul.  Living your purpose is living your Higher Self’s intent and purpose that you, as soul, be aligned with Spirit, thus fulfilling your Heart’s desires.

“Listening to the small, calm voice whispering within and, once again, taking charge of your life and claiming your happiness, no longer allows outer circumstances to dictate how our life will be.  You are you destiny unfolding!”

Bringing “Spiritual Restoration” to individuals, humanity and the Earth as a whole

Changing ourself, Changes the world.
Transforming our life; Brings Peace and Harmony.