Sacred Power Events Overview

We are all called.  Will you answer?

The Divine focus of Sacred Power Events is to assist you to make constructive changes in your life and experience personal enrichment towards fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Sacred Power Events offer an environment where one can recalibrate and rest in the remembrance of who one truly is as we unite with others on a similar journey of self-discovery at higher/deeper levels of intimacy of Self; recognizing we are not alone as we navigate the energies in our own personal world and/or that of the greater world.  We are given the opportunity to mediate one’s own energies as well as transmute/transform or enhance other/outer energies as presented to and perceived by each one in the moments of their daily lives.

As well, participating in Sacred Power Events provides one with tools/ techniques/ practices that support each member of the group in maintaining spiritual kinship in all areas of life, especially when the appearances of the phenomenal (known through senses) plane appear as chaotic and/or confusing.  Sacred Power Events are designed to support one from simply existing and coping in life to flourishing and (w)hol(l)y living!

Sacred Power Events are powerful, life-changing experiences. As individuals join together with the same intent, there is more energy and power created to allow you to have that which you, individually, truly want (the energy that allows you to live NOW in your vision of what you have longed for your future to be – no more waiting for the future to be present – it is here now). The merging of energies builds a greater momentum so that you can be a powerful source for change.  It is like that of a Lighthouse beacon, as opposed to a flashlight.  Everyone’s combined energy supports you to receive more Grace and Ease than you ever could on your own, which allows you to move through blocks, turning them into stepping stones on the path to Awakening and Self-realization.

“What you do in secret (within), is manifest (out-pictured) in the experience of life”

You are in a time of great change that has accelerated to a very intense high-level energy frequency, and it continues to increase. As this Light energy descends, the highly refined frequency begins to vibrate denser energy within your consciousness, calling to you to grow up (ascend) to Its level. You are  feeling the effects of this intense change as concepts and beliefs, both untrue and true that have been buried deep within, begin rising to the forefront and into your conscious awareness – this is the beginning of moving out of slumber and your awakening begins – the recognizing that there is change (healing) needed within you and your world!

You are, as is everyone, participating in the Quickening of humanity’s awakening whether or not you are aware of the processes currently taking place. Your soul’s journey is unique unto itself, yet it is most advantageous to be a part of a group that reminds us to remain in a state of awareness.  It is much easier when one is encouraged by others in an open-hearted, like-minded supportive environment so that you can remember and express who you truly are.

“The sum is greater than the total of the individual parts”

Sacred Power Events offer you the opportunity to receive a depth of experience that allows you to address major patterns; shift perceptions, concepts and beliefs to be aligned with the true essence of your being; and connect with your own Source guidance and power, thereby allowing the potential of a happier, easier and richer life to unfold.

As with ALL Life experiences, each Sacred Power Event is sculpted by the energies of the participants, so whether it is on-line in Sacred Power PONDERINGS or Sacred Power CIRCLES, or in-person at Sacred Power AWAKENING INTENSIVES or Sacred Power EMERGING MASTERY Programs, it is always a new adventure and a great way to experience the tangible effects and on-going benefits of Sacred Power.

A limited number of Financial Assistance spaces are held for all Sacred Power Events.
If you feel called to join any of the Sacred Power
Events, and are in need of financial assistance to do so, please fill in the Application Form.

A “better” Life is a natural consequence of living our Sacred Power!

Bringing “Spiritual Restoration” to individuals, humanity and the Earth as a whole

Changing ourself, Changes the world.
Transforming our life; Brings Peace and Harmony.