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Donna truly appreciates the acknowledgements and wonderful blessings that she receives from others. She surrenders all to the Divinity within each. Sacred Power accomplishes the work, and she recognizes the great honour to be in service to the Divine. Donna is grateful for the opportunity to support individuals on their path and she is fully aware that no shift could ever take place within a person’s consciousness unless they firstly chose it for themselves. It is a privilege to walk though life with others, turning challenges into stepping stones on the path to Self-Realization and Awakening.

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“I can't thank you enough for getting me started on this Beautiful journey.  I was feeling stuck for many, many years.  The story I kept telling myself was destroying me and my peace of mind.  Having had just one session with you totally changed and transformed my thinking and behavior.  My life is healing beautifully.  I am slowly but surely finding myself and becoming my authentic self.  It is truly a special time for me, and my family.  You were definitely sent into my life with a huge purpose.  I am deeply grateful to you for being the Beautiful Spiritual Reminder that you are!!!! Thank you for everything!”

RS, Homemaker, Beautician

“Donna Francis has been a profound influence in my life for close to 30 years.  If I were to choose one word to describe my experience with Donna, it would be 'transformational'.  She has guided me through many transitions in my life - always gently supporting and yet never interfering unless I ask for her assistance.  Donna is kind, caring, humble, dynamic, fun, loving and wise, and has a genuine desire to help people live, claim and express their true selves.  And I love that she is so open to grow and learn herself.  I have a tendency to create diversions to distract myself form feeling into whatever issue is blocking me from freely expressing my potential.  Donna sees right through this and has a masterful way of gently guiding me back to listen to the call of my heart.  She encourages, she appreciates, she honours, and with deepest respect for the Greatness within each person, she helps them Remember Home.  Thank you Donna for being a constant healing Presence in my life.  I Am so Grateful.”  Judy Armstrong Robinson -

JAR, Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, Voice Coach, Professional Entertainer

"When I have readings with Donna I am transported out of my everyday reality and into a realm of truth and love. I enter a dimension of non-duality – a place of peace, spaciousness, grace, and beauty. I am captivated by the wisdom that she shares that I know is the voice of The Divine coming through her and touches me in a way that I am forever transformed.  Each time the guidance I receive is exactly what I have needed for my next steps going forward. In this realm of receptivity, I am able to implement these steps with ease, grace and joy.  I know that I have been touched by an earth angel and am forever changed. Thank you, dearest Donna for the gifts you bring humanity. For the gifts, you bring to me."   Junie Swadron, Author and Writing Coach

JS, Author and Writing Coach

“Interpreter of the soul, prophet of the spirit, in whose trust and acceptance I shine. In Donna I discover over and over deeply spiritual and healing gifts; with courage and insight, warmth and humour, she leads me to awareness of the beauty in the eye of the soul and to what it is that starves the spirit.”

AW, Entrepreneur

“Through Sacred Power sessions with Donna, I have been inspired to move through my fears and discover my true gifts.  From her channelled energies, I have gained confidence, courage and great love.  My life has been enhanced as I express more of who I truly am, and share my gifts and myself with others.”

LB, Artist

“Donna’s sense of the highest potential in everyone is one of the most outstanding of her many teaching resources.  With integrity, she shows us that the limitations we have on ourselves are simply not true, and she chooses to nurture, enhance and empower the greatest gifts in everyone.  Donna is an inspiration.”

KS, Spiritual Counsellor

“I have the privilege of knowing Donna as a trusted friend and gifted healer.  Donna has guided me through transformations with her clarity and vision going directly to the source of my discomfort and releasing the blocks to my natural energy flow.  Donna’s unique healing gifts combine truth, integrity and compassion with the wonderful sparkle of Divine Love.  I feel blessed to be her friend.”

JG, Reiki Healer

“In some other cultures, Donna would be greatly honoured for the sorts of gifts and knowledge that she possesses, and for the use she puts them to on behalf of the people.  I am thankful that our own culture is at least acknowledging her kind of intuitive wisdom.  I believe that anyone would benefit from the inspiration she gives.

JW, Free-lance Writer

“Donna has been truly amazing for me.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I first went to a Sacred Power group and I came away feeling "weird".  Not weird enough not to go again however.  So even on a subconscious level I knew it was helping me.  I feel so settled and calm and I am looking forward to continued growth with my association with Donna and Sacred Power.  She has touched my life in a very positive way.”

RB, Business Owner

“Give yourself the gift of experiencing a Sacred Power session with Donna Francis.  She has the amazing ability to help you bust through old patterns and belief systems that no longer support you in your life.  I have worked with Donna for the last few years, and she has helped me look at myself and see my true essence.  Through this work, I have let go of unhealthy patterns that I developed throughout my life and have let go of deep pain and resentment that I had buried within.  This woman is very gifted, and I encourage you to experience her yourself.”

PE, Heller Work Therapist

“Donna teaches with the deepest sense of commitment and integrity.  Her enthusiasm is infectious, her courage inspiring and her commitment to Truth unswerving.  Donna’s supportive love is unconditional as she wraps you with her clear vision, especially during those times when yours might be faltering.  She shares her knowledge generously with others; unlocking blocks – she has gently guided me in acknowledgement and expression of myself.  I sincerely encourage others to give themselves a very special gift - the gift of experiencing Donna’s warmth and compassion and discovering a very trusted and loyal friend.”

CM, Flight Attendant

“I first consulted Donna Francis at a time when I was unhappy and unfulfilled.  With her love, understanding and otherworldly guidance, she has helped me to rediscover purpose, passion and self-worth.  Without judging any previous choices I have made, she has invited me to make new choices, ones I didn’t know I had.  Through attendance at Sacred Power groups, my life has blossomed with new possibility and opportunities.  Thank you, Donna.  It has been both easy and graceful.”

BC, Human Resource Manager

“Donna seems rather ordinary on the outside, but on the inside, she is totally extraordinary.  I have never met anyone quite like her before!  Donna has shown me how to release my emotions that have been stuck inside of me for many years.  What I have because of my work with Donna and Sacred Power is genuine acceptance of myself, something I never thought possible.  I am no longer looking for the perfect me.  I am able to accept myself, warts and all.  Donna has helped me to appreciate who I am, not who I thought I would be when I got fixed.  The process has not always been easy, or even enjoyable, at times, but Donna’s abilities and dedication have allowed me to look at and heal places within myself that I have always struggled with.  Donna has the ability to locate the deepest roots of my problems and help me pull them totally out, so that it seems that I never had a problem in the first place.  I now enjoy life, rather than just endure it.”

MJ, Computer Programmer

Sacred Power creates change. 

Sacred Power is the Truth of you, so as you connect to your Self at higher/deeper levels, life changes cannot but occur. 

Sacred Power is knowing who you truly are, while wanting to know more of All That Is – You.