The Canvas of Our Life

The Canvas of Our Life

The Canvas of Our Life – Thoughts, Beliefs, Values

Previously shared, it is important to allow thoughts and feelings to flow, especially feelings. Feelings are energy – energy that we require to remain healthy and live fully. If this energy is blocked and held within the body-mind we don’t have it to use for a quality life – it harms us if blocked and held within. Please remember that feeling our feelings doesn’t mean we “act” on them.

With feelings we are asked to allow that energy to flow so that we can once again have the energy that we have held stuck in our physical bodily system (physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies) for our health and well-being at all levels. Once flowing again, the stagnant and discordant energy no longer remains within our systems to cause health and well-being concerns. Once flowing we have access to vital force energy for repair and restoration.

Thoughts are a tad different. With thoughts we are being asked to allow them to flow “through” our “mind” without giving them any attention, especially if they are of lower vibration. Ascended Master Teachings state: “What you give your attention to, there goes your power (energy). What you give your power to, that you become.” Dr Joe Dispenza states, “Where you place your attention is where you place your energy.” This attention does not need to be a conscious act. As you know we can do things unconsciously – we have done it so many times that it has become a habit within our body-mind, and we no longer notice – like eating a whole bowl of snacks and wondering where they went. LOL

A recent review online had several articles stating that we have, depending upon which article I read, 50,000 to 80,000 thoughts per day. Does it really matter the difference of the 30,000? Seriously, how many are you aware of? That’s 2,083 to 3,333 per hour per 24-hour period? That’s approximately 35 to 55 per minute! Whew! If we are not aware of each thought, then how many are we unconsciously agreeing to or not agreeing with? How many have we unconsciously accepted or not accepted as true or not true? The way we know that our beliefs are a problem in our lives is that there is some sort of discontent (to a lesser or greater degree); because of the in congruence within our energy system. Look out into the world and the wars, the fights, the political unrest, isn’t it really about the fight between what one side believes over the other? The same thing happens in our life with our relationships with others/nature, and also within ourselves. There is discontent/discord. This is the indication that, with awareness, a gift is on its way – if we are willing to be happy rather than right, and change.

It sounds simple. All we need to do is change our belief(s) around something and our lives can be better. Simple as it may be, for most of us, it is not that easy, and we may need assistance with the change process. The world is showing us now how we would rather suffer and even die than change. However, we all can do it – there is lots of awareness/support out in the world to assist us.

The same thought had over and over again becomes a belief. Beliefs are thoughts/ideas that we hold as being true, whether they are or not. e.g. the thought I am smart/I am not smart thought over and over again and reinforced by what we gather to be sound reasoning and evidence for them being true – even if others cannot see those assumptions. Beliefs that we decide are important to us become values. Our values are beliefs that we strongly hold on to and they influence our decisions and choices in life. Interestingly, because we are habituated to hold onto “things” (and thoughts/beliefs/values are things), when we take on a new thought/belief/value, we don’t necessarily let go of any or all of the opposing ones; thus within our energy system we carry contradicting beliefs/values that cause incongruency and discontent in our lives. Then when we get into relationships our thoughts/beliefs/values become contention with others’ beliefs/values, without awareness.

How did this happen? Because we forgot, or in some cases purposely hid and buried, the knowing and understanding of who we truly are – powerful beings – masters of energy and thus creation.

Very simply, we gave attention to what we thought we wanted and then discovered that it was really not what we wanted. As one of my beloved mentors, Dr Chuck Spezzano, loved to say – “Like a country and western love song, we looked for love in all the wrong places.” What we give our attention to is what we are loving into life. A thought is consciousness. At the heart of the matter – we all want to be happy and therefore gave attention (love) to what we thought would bring us happiness/fulfillment.

Thought is consciousness, and feeling is energy. The process of manifestation. Infuse consciousness with energy and voila. This is how we bring things (seen or unseen) into physical reality.

Attention can only be given to some “thing.” It cannot be given to no “thing.” The moment we give attention to nothing it becomes a thing, an object. A thought is a thing not yet manifest. Infuse it with energy (feeling) and voila. Attention is the bridge to carry our energy to the thought/idea. The more we give “it” attention the more of our energy goes toward and fills it and it becomes active in our lives. Even if the manifestation is an object we don’t see in the outer world – say like happiness or sadness – we have its effects – the “picture” we see in our minds of what happiness or sadness is. However,the mistake we readily make is that we are rarely giving attention to what we want; we are most often giving attention to the not having what we want, which means we keep getting to have what we don’t have – the lack of it in our lives. Weird, but that is the way we have made our lives, because we forgot who we are. It is now time to have our Sacred Power acting so that we can have what we truly want in our lives.

The reason so many spiritual paths ask us to let thoughts flow through is that our “mind” has become “body-mind.” For many we are no longer a pure mind; our mind has descended into our bodies and our life controlled from there. This is body-mind. This means that most of the thoughts and feelings we are experiencing daily are of stored “records.” They are repeated patterns from the past; thus, making our future a remake of the past. Feelings as records stored and played over and over, and thoughts of the same stories bringing the same feelings bringing the same thoughts that become beliefs from our stories bringing the same feelings bringing the same thoughts that becomes beliefs that become important and then become values that determine choices in our lives based on old stories from the past, that bring the same feelings that.. Get the picture, our lives don’t change. Current situations are assessed and determined from past records – not what is truly happening in the moment. Same scenarios, different participants.

The picture is the same. If we look at this process as a creator, say an artist with a canvas in front of us, each brush stroke would be a belief, the content would be the values and the feelings would be the colours we use. When you look at the picture or creation of your life, is it what you want? Is your life reflecting what your heart desires? If it is not, then it is time to look at what thoughts/beliefs/values and emotions/feelings you are carrying that are supporting a life you don’t want and let them go. Change your energy to be in alignment with what you do truly want.

As an aside, this individual personal process is a microcosm of the same process that is happening in the greater outer world systems (paradigms and structures), which are held up by humanity’s (each one of us collectively) belief systems. As each of us individually becomes more in alignment with our true Self, it is reflected in humanity’s consciousness. As a collective, we are moving out of old paradigms that no longer serve us, as each one of us changes our own beliefs. As mentioned in previous posts, the beliefs/feelings (experiences) we hold within that no longer serve us, rise up to be let go. This is the gift! The very fact that we are aware of the problem/hurt/discord means that it is on its way out. Knowing this is the key. To be conscious of it means that it has risen from the sub or unconscious, thus ready to be let go. Focusing on the release, and the vibration of who we truly are, allows the problem/hurt/discord to be let go simply as an energy no longer needed, as opposed to believing the issue is a fact about us/our life, which is holding on to the energy and allowing it to be an active vibration in our life. It is the opportunity to be more aligned with who we truly are – our Sacred Power, and allowing this to be the expression of our lives. Our beliefs/values and feelings/emotions of a higher grander (uplifting) vibration of expression.

Review your beliefs and values regularly to ensure that they are aligned with what you truly want in your life, because if they are not aligned with who you truly are, there will be discontent in your world. As we change so does our world, and as our individual world changes so does the greater world. As we become more aligned and in tune with life, each other and nature, we have that connection, which we all crave. Once again sparked, the union turns our world into a more graceful, kinder and benevolent canvas. Here is a website where you can take assessment surveys to discover your current values:

Donna Francis, Spiritual Reminder/Coach