Allow feelings and thoughts to flow

Allow feelings and thoughts to flow

It is important to allow feelings and thoughts to flow.

Thoughts and feelings are the qualifiers (qualifying energy) of the substance (awareness) from which we create our reality – in every moment. Understanding this can greatly assist us in moving out of situations that no longer serve us and begin changing the pattern(s) (creating experiences) to be aligned and express more of the essence of our Being. Without change, we simply re-imprint (and re-force) an experience over and over again. We densify it more and more – and we believe “this is our life.” This is a simplistic view of a complex process, but it can be this simple to change, when we are willing.

In a class in which I am participating, we were reading a document in the course program that stated, “Feelings originate in the body.” I questioned this information as it is my understanding that emotions “originate” in the body and feelings are of the mind. An enthusiastic conversation ensued. The understanding behind this statement is that people can experience sensations, etc. in the body that helps them identify feelings (because we most often ignore the energy of a feeling when we are first presenting it). This does happen, but this experience in the body is after the fact, not really the origination of the feeling.

If one looked at it holistically, it could be stated loosely that feelings originate in the body, but it would be more accurate if it stated, “body-mind.”

My understanding is that emotions are of the body and can be measured with scientific instruments. They are fleeting and when the external stimuli is over so is the emotion. On the other hand, feelings are of the mind and are a “personalization” of the emotion experienced. With our mind we create a story of what we believe the emotion is about and how it relates to our life and others involved. Feelings, because they are of the mind (our creative faculty), can be long lasting, “negative” or not, as long as we keep the story alive – keep reinforcing our story of what took place. Feelings are a mental response to an emotion based on the circumstances of our personal life. This is why feelings are so varied for each person from the original emotion and in similar circumstance.

Rather than feelings originating in the body, my understanding is that thoughts and feelings (can) create an experience in the body. When a feeling and/or thought is had, one may experience a body sensation where the “energy” is moving through (or held) in the body.

That is, the body out pictures (experiences) thoughts and feelings. When the story is repeated over and over, and the feelings/thoughts are not flowing, they (can) become “stuck,” the energy of the thought and feeling has translated itself from the mind into the body, and it becomes a full body-mind experience. We now experience feeling/thoughts in the body as a sensation of which we also get to determine how it feels, sensation-wise. They are densifying.

Our body is a fine-tuned instrument and experiences feelings/thoughts as energy moving through it. However, we also have the ability to stop the feeling/thought experience in the body if we do not like it. Not liking it, means we have judged it as “negative, or not good.” Unfortunately, stopping it means that the energy gets to remain in our body. This means we are keeping a “negative” energy “stuck” in our body. As this energy becomes more dense, it begins to cause discomfort and/or dis-ease within the body. This is why it is important to let feelings move and flow. Not to indulge in (or act on) them, but simply allow them to flow, which is the same as “releasing” them. As this pattern may have been going on for some time (since childhood, or lifetimes), one may need assistance with the releasing of blocked feelings.

My awareness is that when one understands the difference between emotion and feeling, then one is able to neutralize the feeling that actually came out of an emotion (a physical response to external stimuli), because it is clear that we are the ones that created the feeling(s) with our mind (through story about what the emotion means to us), and, therefore, have the ability to release the feelings, especially as we change the story. As state before, this may have been going on for a very long time, and one may need support in becoming free of these types of limitations.

In adulthood, unless we have been already been participating in personal/spiritual growth and awareness, it would be rare to know an original emotion in order to not colour it with our personalized story (feelings). The pattern of emotion, to feeling and repeating has been going on for some time, but if we can recognize the emotion has passed, we can begin to neutralize “negative” feelings that have been playing havoc with our lives. Again, one may want to seek out a professional that can walk beside them, encouraging them to be free from the suffering of debilitating feelings/thoughts.

Again, a simplistic view of a complex process, but for our lives to change, we must become aware of and change this habitual process, because our thoughts and feelings create our reality.

Here is an excellent online article that you may be interested in reading and gives an example (story) that may help understand the difference:…/

From this article:
“Antonio Damasio, professor of neuroscience at The University of California and author of several books on the subject, explains it as: Feelings are mental experiences of body states, which arise as the brain interprets emotions, themselves physical states arising from the body’s responses to external stimuli. (The order of such events is: I am threatened, experience fear, and feel horror.)

Dr.Sarah Mckay, neuroscientist, and author of the Your Brain Health blog explains it like this: Emotions play out in the theater of the body. Feelings play out in the theater of the mind.”

If you have body discomfort or pain that remains, it is always advisable to seek professional medical assistance.

Donna Francis, Spiritual Reminder/Coach.