One Month in a Most Undesirable and Rarified Location

One Month In A Most Undesirable And Rarified Location…

As Shunya recently stated, the undesirableness of the location of the ashram is what makes it so desirable – as all values have been inverted at the end of time – and this desire, or Soul yearning, I found was to be fulfilled in each moment during my stay as I participated in the Shakti Saturation month.  Wait, it was a month?  No…it was only a few days!!!  Wait!!! No, it had to be several months, maybe closer to a year, right?  All that transpired and the disillusionment with no disappointment or unhappiness (funny how the outer world takes the meaning of a word and tells us it is a not so good thing – to the ego I am sure is horrific, but OMGod/dess, I am so grateful for the disillusionment – meaning:  the disappointment of the loss or destruction of illusions or idealistic beliefs), but with deep gratitude for all that took place.  And, it had to be way longer than a month, right?  But alas, in the checking of my calendar, my stay was only a short month in time, but the realization was of eternity!

These undesirable, rarified environments certainly warp time!  Whew!

My age and birth location, even though my family did not practice, deemed my “spiritual” path to be more Christian leaning, so my metaphors/analogies tend to ride along those lines; however, as Shunya’s teachings have also declared and expressed many times, all religions at their core are the same Truth – the practice of the Dao (I am the Way, the Truth and the Light, or Life, depending upon the version from which one was taught), truly an indescribable Truth for the details themselves are not the Way but the guidepost along the way – LOL  All the paths lead to this pathless path, away from duality into the zero point, the no-thingness of being a no-body!  LOL  This rarified location offering the opportunity of one’s awareness of one’s own intention for Self-Realization being determined and/or exposed – doing or being the Way!

Letting go of the ego and becoming a nobody are in all intents and purposes the same thing, but one soon finds out it is a lot easier simply “thinking” that the two are different – LOL   After all, to the ego isn’t the purpose of letting go of itself to be a somebody (a special one) in the outer world – I mean, not many do that right?  So, wouldn’t one then be special?  LOL  We can tell ourselves and others over and over “I am not a body!  I am consciousness” – however, the stating for one’s Self, “I am a nobody,” and internalizing that reality will bring the ego to its knees in humility.  And the humour is undeniable!

Back to the rarified environment… the ashram ticks off all the boxes – it is at a very high level and it is also on a mountain; it is less dense – one tends to feel their heaviness there (at all levels for exposure) and the atmosphere has less oxygen making physical effort for those that live at sea level a bit daunting at first, even though not that high in feet (meters) to be considered altitude sickness, something about the environment makes it “feel” that it should be at a way higher number on the scale – huh?  Wonder what that could be?  LOL  And then, of course, rarified in the sense of relating to, or interesting to a select group.  There are not many who are willing to climb the mountain (put in the effort) and then jump (without effort)…  It takes courage to accept the invitation that Sat Yoga offers; and all the well intentions in the world put together, make no difference when at the jumping off (or letting go) point -it is my Divine Grace that one receives the push into the void.  All who want to know their true nature are invited to attend, and find their Self in that choosing.

The splendour and beauty of the lands so carefully tended by the ashram’s yogis and devoted workers allows the “wanderer” to experience the majestic beauty of the flora and fauna and the symphony of the birds, butterflies and bees, oh, and the cicadas playing the strings of one’s heart in perfect harmony to the melody of one’s level of acceptance of one’s beauty; transversing the lands of one’s mind projected out onto the screen of life, as the feet of the body walk upon the earth; helping one re-member the Glory of one’s own true “nature” waiting to be claimed as wholly (holy) lived and expressed through the body temple once again.  It is full immersion at all levels – every detail designed to assist and provide the opportunity for Liberation.  As Shunya stated – “An ashram is a place to where one comes to be decapitated” – (desirable to the few, but fearful to the many caught in the unwillingness to sacrifice one’s own self, to slit the throat of the ego and be Sacred again.  The Lightening Bolt of Awareness struck when Shunya said:  “Sacrifice means to make sacred.  What will save us is what we fear the most!”  There was nothing left but to accept the invitation!

The sincerity of each yogi and sevadhari touches one with full welcome upon arrival – it is as if we have known each other for almost ever!  I recognized as I was initiated into the energy field upon arrival that my heart had not smiled for quite some time – and in that realization the smile on my face grew to greater breadth with each step forward on this pathless path – I knew not where I was going, but I imperienced the Joy for which I was truly grateful, for it was a recognition of Grace received.  This ever-increasing Joy and Wonder carried me to where at some “point,” several weeks into the month, I discovered the “crown of thorns” the barbed wire wrapped around my heart that kept me bound to the pain/suffering of the ego programming and the inability to experience the true nature of my being.

Yes, it sounds simple and in truth it really is, but it was because it was guided by the carefully and crafted organization of the curriculum of the retreat, along with the teachers and the leaders of the groups and classes who generously shared their wisdom, to support one in being released from the grasp of the Censor – the Controlling Deceiver who usurped God’s Power – my Divine power.  The daily mediations to still the mind to allow not only the shadows to be exposed but the Light to be re-activated; the classes on the Practices, Principles and clarifying Teachings of Sat Yoga that allow one the recognition of the machinations of the mind and its outer behaviours; the Art Expression classes where the idiom “A thousand words leave not the same deep impression as does a single deed.” Or, “one would need 1,000 words to accomplish the same thing that the picture does by just existing.”  One need not be a great artist, but only willing to put on paper the colourful vision of one’s inner journey that shows where one is at in that moment; the times scheduled for seva which allows one to truly access and recognize if one is truly in service or simply giving to get; all of these specifics of the program of their own accord supports one to unearth the buried treasures to be discovered.  And like an Indiana Jones and/or a Lara Croft movie there are pitfalls and traps (held onto pain/suffering – ego trauma) that one must move through before the prize is found and turned into the cherished wealth as the Pearls of Wisdom claimed.  This is where the onsite atmanology sessions throughout one’s stay come in and support to ensure that the treasure of one’s own Life (capital L) is gracefully reached and claimed as opposed to being caught in the ego trap.  The added guidance with strategy and clarification of night dreams (messages from the soul) and daily experiences that supports one to embrace and “grok” the treasure map, designed by the Great Ordainer, gives one the heightened sense of a Divine Adventure which permeates throughout one’s stay when one is not deceived by one’s own self (little s).  Thank you MM!

The particulars of the retreat go even to one’s physical level of comfort.  For a whole month, one is treated like royalty!  The bhavans are complete with all one needs for comfort and are simple luxury – mine with a fridge to keep the kombucha available for purchase, lovingly made by one of the yogis, cold for a refreshing drink in the hot and humid afternoons and a stove to boil water for coffee/tea in the early cooler mornings.  And one must not forget the out of this world homemade cookies also available for purchase for those that have a sweet tooth.  Like so many instances in my life and things happening at the ashram, I would not know about those things, but have certainly read about others who do!  LOL  Hahahaha. Not!!!!

Three not-so-simple meals mostly prepared with freshly harvested produce from the ashram lands/greenhouses are filled with love that one can taste infused into each dish – all sincerely appreciated – I FELT like royalty!  But mostly I felt deep gratitude that most of my physical needs were being taken care of so that I could give as much attention as possible to my intention for Self-Realization while at the ashram; which felt like such a short time for such a humble goal, even though I knew it can happen in an instant!

My time at the ashram was likened to Buddha’s teaching of walking the “middle path” while traversing the shadows in the valley of death to lie in the green pastures and reach the still waters for His (my Father God’s) Name Sake – the reflection unrippled by the discordant energies of the ego – to see, clearly, the beauty of the Soul as the reflection of God manifest.

The month started with the partaking in a Premaculture (prema meaning Divine Love) tour metaphorically showing the lay of the territory of the mind to which one would need to traverse throughout their stay, with its filtering systems to the pitfalls all intertwined with the most spectacular and beautiful abundance should one choose to own the abundance offered and put in the effort to be the steward of the same, once again.  To live the Glory of God manifest, eternally intoxicated with Divine Love.

They say that home is where the heart is, and my heart filled with the ecstasy of the beauty, wonder and awe-inspiring joy received during my short stay at the ashram has brought me home wherever this body is while living here on this earth, forever and ever, Amen.

Home, not a place, rather a state of consciousness where one dwells in the House of the Lord forever – more accurately a vibrational frequency – no longer a nightmare of the living dead – a character in the ego play; but, instead, the beauty, the wonder, the awe of a living character in God’s dream.  In the world, but no longer of it – a nobody in service to God!  LOL  Not as they say in Star Trek “… to boldly go where no man has gone before…” but to go beyond where no (wo)man has gone, or more accurately stated, can go.

My Heart filled with Joy, forever in Adoration to God and Grateful for the Grace received.

To Shunyamurti, Thank you!  To all at the Sat Yoga Ashram – Thank You!  To God/dess, All That Is, Thank you!