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“I can't thank you enough for getting me started on this Beautiful journey.  I was feeling stuck for many, many years.  The story I kept telling myself was destroying me and my peace of mind.  Having had just one session with you totally changed and transformed my thinking and behavior.  My life is healing beautifully.  I am slowly but surely finding myself and becoming my authentic self.  It is truly a special time for me, and my family.  You were definitely sent into my life with a huge purpose.  I am deeply grateful to you for being the Beautiful Spiritual Reminder that you are!!!! Thank you for everything!”

RS, Homemaker, Beautician

“Donna Francis has been a profound influence in my life for close to 30 years.  If I were to choose one word to describe my experience with Donna, it would be 'transformational'.  She has guided me through many transitions in my life - always gently supporting and yet never interfering unless I ask for her assistance.  Donna is kind, caring, humble, dynamic, fun, loving and wise, and has a genuine desire to help people live, claim and express their true selves.  And I love that she is so open to grow and learn herself.  I have a tendency to create diversions to distract myself form feeling into whatever issue is blocking me from freely expressing my potential.  Donna sees right through this and has a masterful way of gently guiding me back to listen to the call of my heart.  She encourages, she appreciates, she honours, and with deepest respect for the Greatness within each person, she helps them Remember Home.  Thank you Donna for being a constant healing Presence in my life.  I Am so Grateful.”  Judy Armstrong Robinson -

JAR, Singer/Songwriter, Speaker, Voice Coach, Professional Entertainer

"When I have readings with Donna I am transported out of my everyday reality and into a realm of truth and love. I enter a dimension of non-duality – a place of peace, spaciousness, grace, and beauty. I am captivated by the wisdom that she shares that I know is the voice of The Divine coming through her and touches me in a way that I am forever transformed.  Each time the guidance I receive is exactly what I have needed for my next steps going forward. In this realm of receptivity, I am able to implement these steps with ease, grace and joy.  I know that I have been touched by an earth angel and am forever changed. Thank you, dearest Donna for the gifts you bring humanity. For the gifts, you bring to me."   Junie Swadron, Author and Writing Coach

JS, Author and Writing Coach
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