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Sacred Power Sessions with Donna Francis

Sacred Power Sessions support you in your personal life and spiritual awareness/growth. Their function is to assist you to make constructive changes and experience, rather than just intellectually knowing who you truly are. They support you in recognizing that the limitations that you have placed on yourself are simply not true.

Please read Terms and Conditions for Sacred Power Services.

Each session is a truly unique personal experience relating to what is happening in your life at the present time, what has been shaping your life from the relevant past and the energies of the potential future.

Sacred Power - Spiritual HealingIn-person Sessions

Donna offers two forms of in-person Sacred Power sessions. Both sessions offer the same depth of experience from two different perspectives.

The Transformational Reading, or sitting session, is working with a more conscious awareness of understanding your life energies while at the same time dissolving the limiting unconscious patterns and beliefs that dictate your life, thereby transforming your life and allowing for more of what you truly want.

The LightWork Healing, or table session, deals less with “needing to know” at an outer-self level what is taking place, therefore has more emphasis on allowing the Grace energy to do Its work in supporting the truth of you to begin expressing Itself; your Heart’s desires to be in play.

Do you want to transform your life?  Sacred Power Sessions offer you the opportunity to make profound changes within your beingness in order to evolve gracefully and easily with the changes that are taking place in and around – gaining awareness and growing in the Light.

Transformational Readings

“The Divine  focus is to have you consciously understand and know your Self, realising that all things are possible. If you seek and desire Truth, It will set you free.”

Tuning into your current expression of Self and the energies of Now, information is provided that will assist you to understand what is happening in your life. Based on the certainty of free will, the choices you make in the present (along with the relevant past) influence what your future will be.

Concepts, beliefs (thoughts) and feelings and the resultant dynamics play an integral part in how you live and view your life and the future you are creating. Awareness of these dynamics and how they are affecting you, along with a full spectrum of powerful intuitive/healing techniques provide information that will assist you to enhance opportunities and/or transform difficulties, and make the changes that support harmony, happiness and wholeness in your life.

Opening to your Spiritual Teachers and Guides, we explore you; your gifts/challenges, strengths/weaknesses, desires/fears, pain/pleasure to bring awareness of where you are and what needs to change within for the outer to be more aligned with the Blessedness of life.

Sacred Power provides helpful insight towards making informed choices about your life in the present moment and how this will affect your future.

Each appointment is generally one hour in duration.


LightWork Healing

“The Divine focus is on channelling the Grace energy to facilitate and accelerate your natural healing process; to know yourself with a deeper more intimate understanding while you awaken to your true identity. We encourage you to live from this point of view.”

A clarifying dialogue at the beginning of the session determines your Heart of the issue – what you want to receive from the session. When you choose, and join with another to support you in achieving your Heart’s desire, the ability to receive what you want is magnified exponentially, because it is now supported by the Divine – “where two or more gather in my name, there shall “I” be also.”

Sacred Power LightWork Healing takes a holistic approach.  It harmonises and aligns, while gently guiding you to the Centre of your Being.  As the energies balance within your body system, you are gracefully returned Home, to your natural state of Peace – from which all Goodness grows.

Working at deeper levels and going directly to the source of the issue, Sacred Power working at all levels of beingness will reveal and clear energy blocks within the four lower bodies (physical, etheric, mental and emotional), while bringing the Heart of the Issue into your conscious awareness.

Intuitive impressions, guidance and supportive information, received from both your and Donna’s Guides/Spiritual Teachers, are provided to assist you in continuing to create harmony, happiness and well being.

Each appointment is generally one and one-half hours in duration



Sacred Power - Spiritual HealingTelephone/Skype Consultations

Depending upon your needs, and where your energies are focused in the present time of Now, a telephone consultation is similar to a Transformational Reading OR a combination of it and the essence of a LightWork Healing session with the Beings of Light that work with and through Donna, as well as your own Spiritual Guides/Teachers assisting in the process.  Please read above for the description of these two services.

As with all life experiences, Sacred Power sessions are sculpted by your energy; thus your awareness of you can be a powerful and life-changing experience where you glean a deeper understanding of what is required to gracefully and easily move through the changes that are taking place in and around you and receive tangible effects and on-going benefits for your well-being.

Each appointment is generally one hour in duration


Sacred Power - Spiritual HealingSacred Power Coaching

Change yourself; Change your world.

Transform your life; Live in Peace and Harmony

Life experiences can knock you off your centre and alignment with Spirit.  Sacred Power Coaching is the support and encouragement that can guide you back to your Self Awareness – your Sacred Power.  A deep sense of honour to Spirit and the Sacredness of your life creates a supportive and confident environment for transformation/change (healing) – for personal development and spiritual growth/awareness.

Always in accordance with your highest good, along with Divine Inspiration and Grace, an opportunity is provided for you to become aware of your Self and others at deeper intimate levels, to heal your beingness, and to express more of who you truly are.  Thus, move beyond outer issues and/or self-imposed limitations and claim the treasure (the gift) that is awaiting you.

You create the experiences of your life.  In each moment your thoughts (beliefs) and feelings are being realized – being made “real.”  If you are not aware of the process of creating reality, you will continue to draw to you the same experiences over and over again.  The frequency at which you are vibrating brings back to you the experiences that match your frequency.

“The Divine focus is on assisting you to make constructive changes in your life and experience personal enrichment towards fulfillment of your life’s purpose.

Sacred Power Coaching offers you the opportunity to receive a depth of experience that allows you to address major patterns; shift perceptions, concepts and beliefs to be aligned with the true essence of your being; and connect with your own Source guidance and power, thereby allowing your potential for a happier, easier and richer life to unfold.

Sacred Power Coaching is designed to assist you to move through your life with grace and ease by connecting to your own Sacred Power.  As you do, you will not only be better able to respond to and step forward in your own life, you will be transforming your world, thus all those around you, simply by changing the energy at which you vibrate.  Most importantly, you will be having a profound effect on humanity’s consciousness, thereby supporting the evolution of the Earth into a higher octave, with an easy transition as we prepare for the birth of a truly brilliant and peaceful world.

Sacred Power Coaching assists you to become more deeply aware of you in relationship to both the outer and the inner world of your being – to every “thing” in your life.  Its intent is to have you trust your Self again, becoming available to the currents of life and where It wants to take you; to open your consciousness and reach the stillness and silence at the core of your being so that you can follow your Heart, sharing the inner knowing and wisdom that you carry within; and opening to Spirit’s Blessings at all levels while living your purpose – you aligned with you – the Sacred Power of your life.

According to the time we have together, you will delve deeply into your Beingness and bring forth the latent energies that will assist you to permanently clear what is blocking you from living fully, while at the same time have the occasion to practice living in Truth.  Applying the concepts of “the outer reflects the inner’ and “as above, so below,” allows you to let go and make room within to anchor your Sacred Power into your daily experience.

Dependent upon your requirements – your unique frequency of life energy, the vibrational patterns that you carry and how that is impacting your life, a program will be designed to assist you in understanding why your life is the way it is and what is needed to make the shifts and changes that are required for you to return to and to remain in a state of Peace and Gratitude for the Blessings of Life.  Guidance/information specific to your unique energies will assist you to enhance your life in every moment towards manifesting the vision of what you what your future to be. Techniques and tools are provided to encourage you to cultivate the ability to continually transform your life into one of continued joy and well being.

Awakening is simply becoming aware – aware your Self – your Sacred Power and reclaiming the power and ability that you have always had to realize your dreams – fulfill your Heart’s desires – live your life filled with gratitude for every good and perfect thing manifest.

4 hour package


6 hour package


8 hour package


Sacred Power - Spiritual HealingGift Cerfificates

Give the gift of a Sacred Power session!

You cannot change others to make your life and the world a better place.  You can only change yourself, which changes life situations.

One of the quickest ways to be knocked off centre, or out of harmony, is because of your perception of another person’s way of being.  Another way of saying it is, “to be in relationship.”  Sacred Power sessions provide awareness and understanding in how to deal with those heavy-hearted issues that keep popping up in the relationship of daily living.

Give the gift of supporting another to live NOW for their vision of what they want their future to be; moving through the blocks and turning them into stepping stones on the path of Self Awareness.  A better life is a natural consequence of living Sacred Power.

Sacred Power assists you to unlock the truth of who you are and the potentiality that comes with it.

Cost is dependent upon gifted session.

Sacred Power sessions support you to understand your self and your life, thereby, allowing you to gracefully move through life’s obstacles and claim your power.