Sacred Power Weekend Intensive – details and registration

Density to Divinity
18 – 19 December 2021

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Radient Dove

The greatest gift you can give your self
is to heal that which keeps you from being who you truly are!
The greatest gift you can give your family and friends
is to live in alignment with the divine blueprint of your being, so that you can be the leader by example.
The greatest gift you can give the world
is to radiate the highest frequency of Light, for it is that Light which transforms the world.
The greatest gift you can give
is to ascend from Density to Divinity.
It is your Destiny!

We are coming to the end of a most profound year that is providing everyone with a huge opportunity to change and transforms by supporting us with the energy of its vibrational frequency.  2021 was a year of the possibility for rebirth.  By starting, renewing or deepening our spiritual practice/ awareness, the great awakening unfolds.  For this is what a great awakening is about – a rebirth into something new by returning to the truth of who we truly are by letting go of that which we are not!

Density to Divinity will support you in closing out this most amazing year with a bang – a celebration of sorts – where you are supported to let go of limitation and claim your divine sovereignty to move into 2022 with a strong sense of Self where the ascension in the Light (maturing like a fine wine) continues at higher frequencies of vibration.

Density to Divinity will support you in recognizing that your past does not define you, it prepares you.  Each person has a past, and without awareness, this past forms their current reality.  When you want something different than you are currently experiencing in your life, you must let go or leave behind the current reality.  Or another way of stating that is you must let go of your whole past, not just part of the parcel, the whole kit and caboodle.

Density to Divinity will support you in recognizing that you as a part of humanity are in a spiritual process, a very profound movement where we are moving from one paradigm to another.  Songs have been written and sung about this time, and yet, here we are doing the same old things, the same old way and expecting something different to come about.  The shift into a new paradigm is not a given for each one of us; the shift is dependent upon the work that we do on ourselves to BE more LIGHT.  That is raising our vibration by letting go of our lower frequency vibrations.

Density to Divinity will support you in recognizing that you are moving into the new paradigm also referred to as moving from 3D to 5D.  3D being density and 5D being Divinity.  The more Light each individual generates, the more graceful and easy the movement into the new paradigm will be.  Ascension is vibrating at higher frequencies.  Not only raising your vibration, but keeping it high, no matter what is going on around you.  The more Light the more beautiful and wonder one experiences one draws into their life.  Being in this world but not of it.

Density to Divinity will support you in recognizing lower vibrations of density and experiencing higher frequencies of Divinity.  The only way to enter Divinity is to let go of that which keeps you attached to the lower vibration.  The ego program is the ruler of Density -the continuity of past – everything you have done, accumulated (your beliefs, conditioning, desires, dreams, ideals).  There is no healing through the ego.  Your soul is in charge of Divinity and has everything that your heart has ever desired waiting for you as you ascend in the Light.

Density to Divinity will support you with a reality check along the path in the Great Awakening, which requires both conscious action and sincere self-work to align with the divinity of our being and to be able to hold the higher frequencies even in the face of chaos, turmoil and hostility.

Density to Divinity will support you in participating in your own healing (change) process to be the spiritual warrior that is needed in these times. Something very big is happening and you are being asked to participate with conscious action in service to the divinity of your soul.

Density to Divinity will support you in being aligned with the energy of who you truly are and provide tools and methods that will support you in purifying and purging that which no longer serves so that you have space to receive the higher vibrational Light.  These higher vibrational frequencies will allow you to experience your power, your profound and amazing abilities that have remained dormant, only waiting for you to ascend in the Light for activation.

Density to Divinity will be two full days of information, support, sharing and experience (your own profound awareness) on your journey to spiritual enlightenment – ascending in the Light – aligning to the Divine Blueprint of your being.

What you are, the world is.
And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.
~ J. Krishnamurti ~

Dates and Times
18 – 19 December 2021
Saturday – 9am to 2pm PDT
Sunday – 9am to 2pm PDT

Please note:  Fee includes a 45-minute follow-up private session to be held in January 2022.

Couples:  Please register individually and pay 10% less of listed fee during registration process. 

Regular fee:  registration after 4 December 2021
$529.00 paid in full upon registration

Discounted fee:  registration – 15 November to 4 December 2021
$519.00 with $100 non-refundable deposit upon registration – balance due by 4 December – Use Redeem Code: SPW-DEP
$499.00 paid in full upon registration – Use Redeem Code: SPW-FUL

Earlybird fee:  registration to 14 November 2021
$489.00 with $100 non-refundable deposit upon registration – balance due by 4 December – Use Redeem Code: no longer valid
$469.00 paid in full upon registration  – Use Redeem Code: no longer valid

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space is limited to approx. 15 participants.

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