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Detangling from the DreamSpell

The Experience of Happiness and Fulfillment

October and November 2021

To ensure a deep personalized experience for each individual,
maximum 12 participants per group.

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Radient Dove

Detangling from the DreamSpell

The Great Sages in history have referred to life as a great illusion.  New age spirituality brought awareness that our life is a movie in which we are the director, not only directing, but also writing the script.

Life is a movie?  A story? An illusion?  What does that mean?

It means we have been caught up in a dream, perhaps a world-wide dream but similar to the “great American dream,” the belief, possibly a marketing plan, that we can achieve success and happiness (in all areas of our life – financially, career, relationship, health) through sheer effort and determination.  All of which often not only looks like but is experienced as a lot of hard work while keeping ourself motivated, continually fuelling our desires with dogged perseverance through hard times, and ensuring we have the skills, abilities, talents, adeptness, etc. so that we have what it takes, what is needed to succeed!  And meet the measure of what our success is supposed to look like.  So that we can be happy and fulfilled!  Wow, that exhausted me just wording it.

Are you happy yet?  Does your life have meaning for you?  Are you experiencing fulfillment in all areas of your life?  Financial?  Career?  Relationship?  Health?  Spiritually (general well-being)?

Ancient Shamans called this “dream” the surface of life.  Only giving attention to the things of the world, while ignoring our deeper inner world reality of experiencing our own value(s).  It is referenced here as the dreamspell because we are so entranced and caught up in the trying to “get” that sought after outer treasure, we disregard our own true worth and the significance and meaning of our own life and our own well-being.

The dreamspell was not designed for our well-being, or for us to be happy and fulfilled; it was designed to keep us mesmerized by the abundance of offers and the prize of what we might achieve if we follow the rules (work hard), continually hypnotized into believing that this way will bring us the things that we think we want so that we can have happiness and fulfillment; but never do.

The dreamspell is the never-ending story of searching for success in being fulfilled and happy, but never asking what that really means for ourself.  It is being enslaved to a dream of, a hope for something to give us that which we can only give ourselves, but never recognized this truth!  We keep chasing that carrot that is just beyond reach working harder and harder to get things – even though things are not the cause of our happiness and fulfillment, and do not bring meaning and well-being to our life.

We keep“ … doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Al-Anon/ Narcotics Anonymous

Life is about experiencing happiness and fulfillment, no matter what we are doing.  If this is not happening, then it is time to Detangle from the DreamSpell, the illusion that the outer world can fulfill our dreams.

  • Detangling from the DreamSpell is simply detaching from the belief that someone and/or something outside ourself makes us happy or fulfilled.
  • Detangling from the DreamSpell opens us to experiencing exactly that which the dreamspell was designed to keep us from knowing.
  • Detangling from the DreamSpell frees us from lower frequency vibrations that keep one hooked to the game. (Trauma and past hurts keep us attached to the dreamspell and thus need to be addressed; they need to be deconstructed so that one can move out of fear-based energy into our Sacred Power – who we truly are!)
  • Detangling from the DreamSpell is detaching from the fear-based reality of not being, not having to simply having and being. Living life according to our own values and what fulfills us, not others.  Knowing that fitting in, being accepted is not success.
  • Detangling from the DreamSpell is re-programming our programming, and then simply stepping out of the program.
  • Detangling from the DreamSpell allows one to be in integrity with one’s own Self, not the idea someone else told us we are or should be.
  • Detangling from the DreamSpell allows one to experience and be in their Sacred Power, seeing the beauty of their soul.
  • Detangling from the DreamSpell is allowing ourself to have the life we were meant to have, not the one we were deceived into believing we wanted.

Attending Detangling from the DreamSpell can support in:

  • connection with others of like-mind
  • having a greater awareness and comprehension of how the dreamspell seduces and entraps
  • expanding insight into our Sacred Power
  • appreciating for the power of the mind
  • significant shifts in our energy, thus our life
  • experiencing a stronger sense of perception, intellect and Divine Intelligence
  • receiving activations/upgrades in our personal awakening/ascension process
  • releasing of traumas and old energies that no longer serve
  • having clarity into ourself, our life, and changes needed to have the life for which our Heart is desiring us to live.

We are here, now, to experience something magical, something very significant, something truly wonder-full; and the only way is by Detangling from the DreamSpell.

To accommodate the differing time zone worldwide we offer 3 dates/times:
Saturdays,  2 October to 6 November 2021 – 9:45-11:45am PT
Mondays, 4 October to 8 November 2021 – 6:30-8:30pm PT
Thursdays, 7 October to 11 November 2021 – 4:00-6:00pm PT

To ensure a deep personalized experience for each individual,
maximum 12 participants per group.

six – 2-hour sessions (12 hours)
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•three days per week, 15% discount on total price

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